I have a question about the update

I saw that you will add another update to the IF and you will add the A320
If you know when it will be release the update please reply

The A320 will not be released this update, but most likely the next one. Nobody knows when the update will be released

To add onto what Sean said, FDS will probably not release specific details on when updates come out and what will be in them. Knowing FDS they will probably tease things and that’s when you know it’ll come out :P

Although here is a cool thread you can check out:

In the callsign section, I strangely found the callsign “Air transat”, even though no air transat livery is currently of infinite flight. I am guessing an air transat livery is coming.

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I enjoy how FDS has most of the content in updates be a surprise. That’s why I enjoy waiting for them.