I have a question about the A340

So today I’ve made my first flight with the A340 (after 5 years in IF), and I must say it was weird. When I landed (-700fpm) the nose pitched down like 2000fpm. Is that a problem with the or IF?

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A340 do you mean?

Yes yes sorry. I wish it was the A350😊

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Alright. The physics aren’t up to speed with the current physics that the newer aircraft in the sim have. That why:)

Yes. The A340 needs a rework. It’s physics are wack right now.

Vote here: Airbus A340-600 light rework

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The aircraft should be reworked, it’s impossible to land it

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Did this happen during your final or the Approach?

Yes hang on a second, trying to find the rework thread for you to vote on.

All over the descending actually

I already linked it :)

@Altaria55 linked that above, I won’t vote since it has only 4 votes

Alright thanks, was trying to find a full rework instead of a “light” rework thread.

You can vote on whatever you want:)

That plane gets more shy if you put full flaps down. 😂

We have noted the community desire for this. Thanks for everyone’s input. Your votes have been returned to you as this has been closed. You may use your vote for another feature such as a specific variant of the A340.

Yeah I flew the A340 for this first time today as well. Slippery thing, certainly needs a physics rework (I ended up exiting on final because it was such a handfull).

The aircraft would be stable if your speed is at 120 -140 knots (slower speed) during appriach and landing. I tried it many times but it is tricky to have a smooth landing.

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