I have a question about scenery

Hello my question is first of all why is alaska,russia and any northern countries just flat as ever. is there anyway of fixing the scenery to implement mountains in alaska, canda, russia etc…

Unless you have your own personal satellite you’d like to let Infinite Flight use, no.


its a bummer because alaska is such a beautifull state but anchorage and the other parts are just flat and boring


Any scenery over 60 degrees latitude is completely flat in-game. This includes flying routes in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, or flying over northern areas during a transatlantic or transpacific flight. I do know this has to do about that area being inaccessible by the game’s satellite, and I’ll post a link shortly (edit: refer to @Altaria55’s link posted below).

This also applies to intercontinental flights in the far south.

so theres no chance in those areas ever having mountains?

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Not until there’s suitable topographical maps available. Nothing they can do until then

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Thank you, that was the link I was looking for.

Thank you guys for the links!

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There aren’t any updates on this right? I’ve found some 3d maps that do seem to have areas like greenland 3d but those are probably not suitable then

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