I have a question about posting photos

Okay, so firstly, if this topic is in the wrong category, I am sorry. I have no idea what topic it should be, so I just put it under general.

Now, for my question. Under the Spotting section, would it be acceptable if I posted photos of rocket launches? I am asking, because even though this is an aviation forum, I feel like it could probably pass as acceptable, too. I live in Central Florida, and we get rocket launches all the time here. It would be interesting to bring a different photo of something onto the IFC.

Let me know specifically if this would be acceptable or not. Thank you guys!

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Technically speaking, a rocket is not an aircraft. So under that logic, rocket photos would not be allowed in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category.

However, I will flag this topic to the moderators to let them confirm with you.


Yes, rocket photos would be dope to see. Please do post them. Thanks!


Excellent! Also nice one “Flying Santa”…

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Would love to see rocket pictures!

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@DeerCrusher okay I will try and get a nice collection together before I post anything


Love me some launches! Please post!


I think if it’s real world aviation, then it would be allowed because aviation is the act of flying an aircraft. The definition of an aircraft is a machine capable of flight. So since a rocket is a machine and capable of flight, it would be allowed in the RWA category.

as a space flight enthusiast, I agree with this statement

I never expected @DeerCrusher to use this specific word 😜

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Okay. We have a few rocket launches scheduled to go up to space over the next couple of weeks. I am going to try and get information on all of them and take some good pictures of them so I can educate you guys on what they are about. Expect a collection to be posted sometime around Christmas. Happy holidays!

Expect the unexpected. One might say I’ve got some rizz… 😜

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Your Rizz levels are the highest in the universe. But I certainly will challenge those levels

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@DeerCrusher I have FINALLY released my first photos of the rockets!! I am sorry that I didn’t release them by when I said I was going to. Find the pictures in this discussion:

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