I have a question about opened doors in IFATC

I some times do ATC on training server recently.
And I watched a plane with opening doors sometimes.
I want to say ‘Close your doors’.
Is there a any command to use in this case?



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Right now there is no such command in the ATC section. It is the pilots responsibility to close their doors etc… However, could be nice option to have in misc messages maybe make a topic in #features.


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sometimes the door isn’t open and it just looks like it for you but as ondrejj said make a feature request and maybe it will be added one day.


In the second picture the parts circled on the wings aren’t doors - they’re called spoilers which increase drag and slow the aircraft down once it has touched down on the runway. Sometimes it glitches for ATC and you see open parts when the pilot has closed them.


Also keep in mind this may be a glitch. Sometimes the doors show as closed on the pilot side but show as open on the controller’s end.


Are there system’s problemses show me the picture sometimes?
I didn’t know that. Thank every one.
I called they ‘chek Rw!’ ‘Exit Rw’ etc.

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Hello there!
I wouldn’t recommend using “Check Runway” or “Exit Runway” command if you want to tell someone to check their doors as those two instructions mean completely different things…if that is what you meant in the above message.

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Why would ATC care if you remember to close the doors or not?


I don’t, that’s for sure. I’m here to control aircraft, not play PIC.


I only care when they’re in a CRJ and their wipers are on while it’s sunny.


For me this is not necessary once this is not a role of a real life ATC. Maybe it could exist a feature to system send automatic warnings to the pilot (including violation).

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I’ve seen a lot of lights trouble out there too!
Waiting for the “check lights configuration” button!


Therefore,i want to know what i should do in that case.
How does everybody in the same situation?

Is nothing doing correctly?

Just don’t do anything! Closing door is his problem. Instead of focusing on one guy and trying to convey him your message, you can deal with the other traffic at your airport. Eventually, he is gonna figure out that his doors were open. If he doesn’t, he will realise that all the passengers are dead in the cabin 😂

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Also. I believe there is a big that shows doors to be open when they’re closed.


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