I have a question about control

Hello. Users enjoying Infinity Flight!

No difference, I have one question.

I’ve been playing the game so far, but I felt a lot of discomfort about the controls.

Seeing that not only me but most users are dissatisfied with the controls, I think this game needs improvement.

Therefore, I would like you to create a virtual joystick as well as a yoke in the game settings.

I like airplanes, but I don’t have a game to satisfy them, so I only play Infinity Flights.

The controls of this game were uncomfortable, but I only played this game because I thought it was better than other airplane games.

But now is the time to make improvements.

please please

Please make the users happy by building a joystick setting and sensitivity setting system in the game!

Lastly, I really support Infinity Flight

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Hey! Welcome to the community.

If you’re having issues with your tilt controls, I’d suggest going into your Infinite Flight controls settings, and calibrating and double checking that everything is where it should be. You can even reduce or increase the control sensitivity settings to set it as per your liking. You simply have to open the app, go to Settings (the gear icon at the top left) → Controls, and then set the sensitivity as you like for the tilt controls.

Currently, no plans for an in-game virtual joystick have been announced by developers. If I remember correctly, I think the idea was brought up by the community some time ago, but it was thought that a virtual onscreen joystick would make Infinite Flight feel more like a “game” than a simulator that strives to emulate realism.

However, you can use a real joystick like a Thrustmaster or a Saitek, etc. with Infinite Flight either directly (if you’re on Android), or by using a free third-party app called Map Connect (if you’re on iOS).

Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase a real joystick and you have a secondary device (like a second phone or tablet), you can use that as a yoke/joystick using a mobile app called Fly-By-Wire which costs $4.99

Hope this helps!

Once again, welcome to the community. Also remember that any feature requests for the app will have to be in the #features category - but since you’re not at Trust Level 2 (member) yet, you won’t be able to create a topic there. Please review this topic on how to use the IFC, below :)



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