I have a question about back taxi

I have a question about back taxi. So if I am at an airport where I am required to back taxi the runway and since there isn’t back taxi request feature in the ATC menu should I say callsignXX requesting permission to cross runway XX?


All you need to do is request takeoff. If the controller needs you to backtaxi they will tell you to do so. If they just clear you for takeoff you can always choose to back taxi, however.

Here’s a video tutorial from Infinite Flight:


You would say “ready for takeoff” and the atc would tell you to back taxi


Thank you for your valuable information information on how to communicate with ATC thank you


Not gonna lie I was a bit confused when you requested that but figured it out.

However, like the rest said, your best bet is to request take off. If it’s obvious you need to backtrack the controller will tell you to back track. And if it’s not obvious, then it’s still pilots choice how much runway they require for takeoff.

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Thank you for your input on how I did under your command! I will now just request takeoff just like everyone else said and the video that @tomthetank provided thank you that was very helpful and I learned a lot from it


You should never request to cross a runway when you’re not crossing it. Crossing the runway means only one thing.

Even if the controller doesn’t tell you to back taxi, it’s always pilot discretion to do so, even with a standard takeoff clearance.

(However, use your best judgement. If at PHOG in a TBM, there’s no reason to backtaxi that extra 10 feet to the threshold if there’s someone on a 3 mile final. You can, again, always PIC discretion, but if you really feel the need to, perhaps best to wait out the landing.)


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