I have a question about ATC...

I was told to check the forums by atc so here I am. Got a nice clip below for you to enjoy, but anyway here’s the thing: I was landing at KLAX nicely on RWY 25L so i exited the runway to the right as instructed, and as you know, there’s this small taxiway between 25l and 25r-that’s where I contacted ground. I requested clearance to taxi to parking, which apparently was wrong. What should I have done? Request RWY crossing first?

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Was this on the Expert server?

Never ever enter or cross any runway without permission.

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Yes it was. Just a few minutes ago

If it was on TS1 it could have been a mistake by the controller.

When you recieve your exit command you need to pay attention since most airports like LAX or DFW with multiple runways will tell you to hold short or cross the parallel runway. Often times if they tell you to cross and you stop and ask they will issue that command.

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That’s not what I did! I was waiting on a taxiway. Anyway here’s some screenshots, video wouldn’t uploadimage|690x388

Oh, I just realized I was already instructed to cross RWY 25R by the tower

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I never new that was on the towers hand-case solved then

You cross the runway then contact ground :). You did it one step too ealy

Good to see people asking questions here and learning


Yeah I just noticed 😅 my bad, sorry for bothering you then

No worries, it’s better to ask and improve than to stay confused


Very nice @Flyingkiwi - that’s exactly what everyone should do when receiving a “check help” and doesn’t know why!

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You’ve got your answer already, which is good.
For reference, here’s the tutorial with all info:


Apologies. I misread your initial post.

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MaxSez: This “Problem” has appeared here periodically for the last few months. When a Comm anomaly like this one keeps appearing on these pages there’s an odvious interpretation problem btwn two overlapping commands. You can’t excuse or cover up an interpretable standard communication by pointing fingers alluding to Pilot Error, sending a read the Tutorials msg followed by a hollow rationale/CYA. You gotta analysis the problem and fix it immediately. Time to kick this one up a level or two it’s been ignored for months. Who has the Dot, Raise your hand…
Just Sayin…

I’m not quite sure I gather what you’re trying to say here. What needs to be moved up the chain? Exit and Cross?

I’m not trying to be trite, I really don’t really know what’s at issue. It was a miscommunication in this particular instance, since resolved, but what about the command in general needs to be moved up the chain?

Sorry if I’m just missing something here.

IMO The “off the runway” portion of the exit instruction is confusing. They will contact ground inbetween the runways then they will either meet casper or get a please follow instructions (ground), check tutorials (ground), contact tower (ground), stay on my frequency (tower). It could possibly be changed to “turn left, cross runway X and contact ground when on the intended taxiway”, or something similar.

Also, I love the new ghost explanation commands that are coming in the next update. I wish they could be added to the check help pages commands as well so the pilot knows what to search for on the forum.

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MaxSez: Thanks @Trio, saved me a jot to Tim, as I don’t have access to the communication command list or know who has comm menu duty. Nice to know that some action is recognized in this area. A “Ghost Explaination” comm msg. What a novel original idea, nice to know to!

(Info: Tim_B )

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Your welcome, I should have provided a picture.

Ghost explanation commands:

Credit: Laura

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The ghost explanation will be welcome, but it doesnt really apply here. I cant recall a single ghost resulting from a mis-hearing of exit and cross. Maybe we are having two different conversations, because no one was ghosted. It was simply not hearing the cross part, which he sees now.

In you original comment, are you suggesting tower should never issue the command, because when circumstances allow, it’s not uncommon?

Or perhaps I miss the point entirely, which could be the case.

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