I have a question about altitude and speed

For the first time, I went to 32,000 feet and when i went there the speed changed to machs. What does this mean and what should i set it at 32,000 feet.

Mach 1 is the speed of sound.

At 32,000ft you should have it around .76 - .82 Depending on how fast you want to fly :)

Oh ok that makes sense. Also why is the overspeed at 300 at this altitude rather than the usual 340 knots.

It depends on which aircraft you’re in.

Im in the 787-9

300 knots IAS is much greater at that altitude than FL200

Then it’s supposed to be 350

Oh ok thanks for the help blue panda and boodz

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Happy to help :)

IRL your computers will tell you the most efficient speed for current conditions.

I usually like to settle in to whatever only gives me 1* of nose up attitude. The higher you go the faster you must be to maintain that particularly if flying heavy.

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