I have a problem

I was doing a flight from CYVR to KLAX. When I was on final at LAX, the airport wouldn’t show up at all. The runway didn’t show up, the building didn’t show up, just the blurry images that I didn’t want to risk landing on so I quit the flight. This is the third time this happened. Is it my device, or is it a bug?

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Have you attempted to clear scenery cashe?


As well as clearing your scenery cache and restarting your app which has been mentioned above, I recommend taking a read of Schyllberg’s reply below regarding the same issue on a different topic:

As mentioned, they are aware and hopefully will have a permanent fix for this issue implemented in the next update (22.7).

Take care mate!


The only thing I tried to get the screen to look away from the airport for a couple seconds to see if it would reload without looking at it. I also tried to go off and on and It didn’t work either, but no I didn’t.

Thank you.

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