I have a problem with the trim

good morning Since this morning I had a problem with the trim of the plane, what happens is that the trim does not go up or down if someone helps me it would be fantastic

What do you mean it was not going up or down?

that the trimo you know when you want to lift yourself to leave it did not go up and did not go down to land

did you use a joystick previously?

I don’t always use the default simulator

So…you’re trying to use trim to take off the aircraft? That isn’t going to work. I’d recommend reading tutorials and learning the prooer use of trim, including when to tilt your device and what else consitutes a proper takeoff.

thanks for the video

go to settings, controls and watch if when you pull up, an orange bar appears in the “Pitch axis” (you can do the same with roll), if it does, then I don’t know what happens, if it doesn’t, try clicking on “restore defaults” on the bottom left and try again.

thank you so much i can now fly thank you so much

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no problem! if you need anything else, PM me without any doubt!

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