I have a problem when on short final

I often land with most of my auto pilot off. I like to keep the speed part of the autopilot on because I still have a lot to improve on. However, when I disengage the AP around the 100 fallout, my nose often dips down and this can result in a very steep flare and a rough landing. I dint know if it’s because I move my hand too much and shake my device too much when I disengage or for another reason.

I am going to start disengaging the AP around the 300 callout now to give me time to recover from the nose dipping but if anyone has any advice or experienced this, please let me know.

Happy flying and I hope you enjoy your next flight 😉


Personally I disengage AP at around 1000ft, depending on visibility and winds. If your short finals are shaky, I would recommend making sure your elbows or arms are resting on something, so they don’t get sore and cause fatigue :)

Just calibrate your phone before disengaging it

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I would try adding in some positive trim. This allows you to pull the elevators back

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@Aero I’ll try this strategy with disengage at 1000. I already set my arms on pillows and support them.

@IF-Mallorca I’m already flying in with my hearing and altitude off so calibrating won’t have an impact.

@VH-VCQ I use positive trim but only 15%. Should I use more? Anyway, I’m not sure if this will help as I believe it only happens when I’m rotating my wrist to reach the A/P button.

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You just have to disengage AP by turning off all vnav lnav, alt and speed but not with the AP general disengage. The nose go down only if you disengage directly your AP and not if you turn off one by one all the function of the AP :)

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Are you using trim? When you are on APPR mode, you don’t need to use Trim. Just adjust your speed.
For good landing speed, use this topic.

  1. Use trim
  2. Don’t over control
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From mine exp if u trim more than +5 it will pull up slightly ,if u dont trim at all it will pull down so ideal trim for most steady plane after disangage AP is +5,notice u need to have steady mobile phone/tablet and calibrated before disangaging also

Ok I think I know the problem, if you calibrate before disengaging the autopilot and the autopilot has to pull up to stay level

this is how you could tell:

The more pink you can see the worse it is

when you disengage autopilot you are not pulling up like the autopilot was to stay level, causing the plane to pitch down as soon as autopilot is disabled

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Thats it. Calibrate - trim the pink line away - disengage. I do recommend turning autothrottle off too. Set power for your glide and pitch for your airspeed - you’ll find your final approaches will become way more intuitive.

As I said before, I am approaching with only auto throttle and the rest of my approach is stable so I don’t have to worry about trim. I’ve concluded that my movement of my wrist is the reason for my nose dip and will start to fully disengage that auto pilot further from my destination. thank you for your help everyone. All responses were helpful in a way and I also learnt a fair bit about trim.