I have a problem (I need tips)

Hey guys, I’m having a problem with my number of landings in (90) days which affects my grade a lot, I was grade 4 and I always do long Haul flights, the problem is that I don’t always have time to make short flights and the landings requirements are cutting my landings a lot, like 10 landings per day, I had 150 landings in 90 days and now I only have 88 landings in 90 days, in less than 3 days they send me to grade 3 again, so what can I do?

Sometimes I feel that the number of landings to achieve grade 5 for example is crazy.

I personally wouldn’t say Grade 5’s requirements aren’t too high. Grade 3 gives all the normal access you need, with Grade 4 and 5 being purely for show with the very, and extremely active users. I don’t really do shorter flights as I focus myself on long haul and don’t do pattern work.

In a quick free time a good suggestion to keep yourself to a high grade is to every now and again, pop to an airport with a high amount of runways, and using something as simple as an XCub allows a landing every 30 seconds (min 30 secs apart to count), then ending the session once finished to keep your grade up. Personally I never have to do this but remain at Grade 5.


Pattern work can help increase landings in short time, otherwise you could do what I do which is spawn on casual server at an airport like KPHX or EGLL in an F22 and just take-off and land at the nearest runway possible and touch and go

You don’t necessarily have to do short flights to accumulate landings. Touch & goes are just as better & fun.

Doing this allows you to continue doing long hauls, but for 30 minutes you can do a lot of T&G’s to keep your landings up.

So, essentially if you do 20 landings per day for 7 days — 140 landings weekly. Should be enough to maintain grade 5 & still continue your long hauls.

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To maintain Grade 4, you need 100 landings in 90 days. Thats just over 1 landing a day on average.

But if you spend maybe 10-15 minutes most days doing Touch and Goes…bam you get maybe 20-25, potentially even 30 landings - and it makes it a lot easier.

Thats what I do - and its really fun (however do them on casual or you may get acrobatic violations if you are doing tight turns).

Accumulating lots of landings is satisfying…however getting acrobatic violations in the process….yeah thats not so satisfying…🤣

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