I have a kinda BIG problem...

I decided to try infinite flight on another phone but…

images are more useful than text:



So as you can see, I can’t play.

Device : Samsung J5

Android version : 6.0.1

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Users have reported a problem with the interface being oversized on their device, which we have learned is isolated to the specific Samsung devices listed below:

  • Samsung on5
  • Samsung A5
  • Samsung J5
  • Samsung A7
  • Samsung A9Pro

The issue typically occurs after updating to Android 6. This is a firmware issue that the manufacturer or cellphone service provider has not corrected. We are currently 100% dedicated to our new major development of Global Flight. If your manufacturer or carrier does not push a patch correcting their firmware bugs by our Global Flight release, we will evaluate the issue further and explore options to correct the issue from our end.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards, Sebastian