I have a good idea about when the 787 update will come.

So Laura said this would be the summer update. Summer ends on the 21st of September in America. There Is a screenshot contest, and the winner gets to choose a tail number for one of the upcoming 787’s. This contest ends on the 3rd of August. So the update is likely to come out between these dates-

August 3rd, 2016
September 21st, 2016

Any other ideas? Post down below!

screenshot contest-
Boeing 787 Custom Tail Registration - Community Competition


It’s highly likely for it to come in the week right after the landing competition.


Fine detective work

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Do you know who I am? My last name is Holmes. ;)


Good work, Sherlock.


You estimate is a long time period I would say August 10-20th because we have already seen a lot of it. The registration will probably be the last thing.

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It’s less than 2 months, and it’s a definite time period. It’s the most accurate one we have!

There is something more then the 787 is presented to the public on 08/07/2007 day 7 month 8 years in 2007 then maybe a month after something

Doesn’t summer end at the start of September though?

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As much as I’d like to see a 787 with a whole bunch of liveries and full ILS capabilities, I hope they add cockpit lighting and more work on planes in general instead of spotlighting the updating only upon the Boeing 787

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By update do you also include global flights in this one or is this a minor update?

I like everybody else cannot wait for global, however I am anticipating global in spring or so of next year, and to be honest, I hope it does take that long so we can be delivered the nice, quality, virtually bug free (I have had no problems with performance) product that we are used to seeing from FDS. So yes, I would more than likely say that this is a minor update – 787 and perhaps a couple new small features.


Good. My question wasn’t meant to eagerly impatiently await global…it was actually in worry because I want it perfect and bug free. :)

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The update that is upon us is everything EXCEPT a minor update. We’ve got the 777-200LR, new liveries on all 777 family aircraft + new physics, the 787 family and wing flex, APU lights, a new app icon, new strobe lights, a new 747-400 livery, a new A318 livery, improved graphics for all aircraft, new ATC commands, and this is a minor update?!


Exactly, and I think many of us pilots feel precisely the same way. The game is great the way it is… Granted it can always improve but I mean there are grade 5 pilots out there who have clearly dumped many hours into the game and that’s speaking volumes about not only the performance, but also the immersive aspect of the game. That said I believe that FDS is on the same page with the dedicated pilots out there in that we understand that it takes awhile to deliver a perfect, refined final product

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I had read into it only minorly and from the surface, it seemed they were really pushing the 787 but I’m really excited for more cool features as listed!

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Please can we stop speculating when it will come?

We’re just dying to know.

Lol, in Europe Summer begins in May 1st and ends at the 1st of August

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@FlyFi Holmes