I have a doubt

Good evening, I wanted to comment that something happened to me today at the Geneva Airport (LSSG). It was an Air France A380, I was forced to do just my 2 go around. No one else was made to go around what I saw during the flight. I don’t know what you can do or tell me, thanks.


Hey there!

To better assist you, we would like you to provide the name of the controller. You can do this by entering the replay in which the incident occurred, so that we can tag the controller for you. I should note that traffic today was quite busy. Lots of things could happen. 😬


Hello there, there were a lot of people that made a go-around. I was lucky enough to not. I also recommend flying into secondary airports as int’s not that busy.


I should say that Geneva was chaotic and nasty today…yeah, not a great airport to feature as a main hub. btw why were you flying an A380 into LSGG

In addition, the airport’s in a valley, making the airspace more tighter than usual which wasn’t any easier for the radar controllers working with tens of aircraft.


I can’t see the name of the ATC. What I do?

An A380 into LSSG? Also to add on to the comments above Geneva was an absolute mess today.

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My friend Francisco and me couldn’t find the name of the ATC of Geneva. I realice this flight with he and I seeded the 2 go arounds from he.

Why do you say that?

I don’t know lol I think an A380 is too big of an aircraft to be at only a one runway airport but that’s just my opinion

By definition, an A380 into LSGG is too big, but in IF it is allowed because you can spawn in with it. But we aren’t here to talk about that, at what time did you fly in to LSGG so we can find the controller for you?

They couldn’t find it in the replay?

from 19:30 to 21:35 ZULU time

I can’t founded

With that @Georgios_P was a controller for most of that time, with @Alejandro_Castaneda the controller from 21:00 Z on.

Hope that helps!

@Francisco_Rivera can you please have a look into your replay and check the exact zulu time when you got the first go around? I‘ll compare it with my replay and will let you know further details (also if it was me)


First go around 20:45 Zulu time
Second go around 21:11 Zulu time @Georgios_P

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The first go around wasn’t from me, but the second was issued by me. Can I get the callsign too?

My callsign or the other ATC? @Georgios_P

Your Callsign please

My callsign is Captain Rivera