I have a ATC problem

I was just wondering why my ATC sound doesn’t work I’ve tried everything and I’m getting really frustrated so do some of you have advice for me to fix it

Hello @Matthew_20204,

Have you tried manually tuning into a frequency by heading to the map screen and selecting an airport with ATC. Then pressing ‘Tune’?

Sometimes for me this helps with communication issues, instead of tuning in to the frequency from the normal ATC button.

Yes I can communicate with ATC and i can see the text on the top of the screen but the sound doesn’t work
But thanks for trying to help👍

Not a problem! I’ve also had this happen to me if you leave the app to do something else for a couple of seconds or so, like taking a phone call.

Have you left the app before this has happened in any of the times this has occurred?

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I got it fixed thank you

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Is there any fix you know of short of exiting and restarting ? I had it happen when I left for a second to look at flightaware on a long haul. I find it doesn’t happen if I tune out of atc before leave. But nice it is gone I can’t get it back.

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Usually this is only solved by a restart. You can alternatively try going back to the home screen, turn down the volume then go back to IF and turn it up again but it’s a rare case that it will work.


This happens to me nearly every time I click off the app for longer than 10 seconds. I’ll come back onto the IF app and won’t be able to hear the atc communicating with other planes. If they send me a message I also don’t receive it.

Only after I send a message and I can hear the message being read out will I then be able to hear all of the ATC chatter that follows. I usually just send a stand by message then disregard, something like that… this fix works every time for me

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sound issue of ATC. is generally related to text to speech of your phone. go to phone settings and check if you have a proper text to speech engine installed like google TTS.

Well this is solved so I’ll get this shut