I have 1 question that has been bothering me for like a year now

And that is when is the embraers ever gonna get updated? Now I know why the question about just the embraers why not the 767s or any other aircraft well the embraers are used alot irl for small flights and I have been wanting those aircraft to be updated since the CRJ update and also when is there gonna be more liveries to the a320 family? Such as spirit for the entire a320 family delta for the a320 united for the A319 American for the A319 and there are probably more that I am forgetting here but when are these liveries gonna be added? And I am not trying to hate on infinite flight in fact I love infinite flight to the point where I own 4 devices just for infinite flight and I know with the A330 being in the works along with project metal but didn’t yall say in order for project metal to even be installed every aircraft needed to be updated first? again these are just my personal questions that have been popping up with no answers so I figure I can find them here

Never heard such things as having to rework all aircraft before project metal.

Liveries are chosen depending on demand and dev choice, I read someone stating that their numbers are limited due to space. I can’t confirm myself this info.

The ERJ will get reworked sooner or later, we’ll just have to wait for now.


There will always be liveries that’s missing. And I’m sorry to say, but you won’t be getting every single livery that exists in the world.

And no, PM is not needed for aircraft reworks.


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