I had to do a go-around because plane was on the runway

Oh Didles, Circle or divert

Oh dear lord, KLGA is mad close, same with KFRG. If it was really that bad you should have diverted to either of those.

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Was that me when it happened? If so, shoot me a pm and we can discuss it;)


I knew better than to bring it up. Just bite my tongue and hopefully it will fix itself. Is there a forum for venting frustrations? Send me that address.

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Www. (Searching for a website)

I can’t actually believe this is a thing. (does include foul language, be aware, it’s not my responsibility for your troubles, now!)

I’m sure if you wanted to say you had to spend an hour extra on a game you purposefully pay for, on a server that keeps real world procedures and no priority to specifcally you it does sound a bit stupid. Just get it off your back and resume your normal activity.

If you were a Delta 757 I watched you go around whilst taxiing to 31L. Controllers always make mistakes, and sometimes we got to accept that. You might have been directly contacted saying ‘airport not accepting incoming traffic’. This is only for airports in close proximity, and pattern work with ATIS not allowing it. The controller may not have seen your problem :)

You also seem to have an interesting history with ATC.

It seems a bit ironic your 2 most liked topics is because of having to go around because of an ATC error, then making an error yourself to the approach controller not giving you a clearance to land, sounds like a common mistake made by a pilot occured here.

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If you would have bothered to read the other post it is positive for ATC. I was an ATC controller at that time. If you are going to accuse me of something at least get your story straight.

For the record, executing missed Approach is helpful, but controllers can still see previous communications, and flight paths (I.e. I just vectored this person and they didn’t land), so they should still know what’s going on even in its absence.

The controller erred.

It happens.


Thank you. It’s like pulling teeth here. I’m over it but it happened.


Hey, when was this ? I could have been the Controller and wouldn´t mind having a little chat if that is the case :)

Only option when they let u to land is declare Emergency Fuel 😅

Yeah lol, but then they will tell you to divert…

@mhhodges76 @Tim_B… All… MaxSez: Good Gripe Hodge. Pleased Tim stepped in and cleared the air for the wannabe experts. Stuff happens. However yr error here was failure to PM the controller and vent to him, you know better!. The Forum is not the place to cast dispersion or vent.
(Scenario; Freqchg from Appro to Tower, Tower, Clear to Land, You At the Threshold, Rwy Incursion, cause ATC direction, You TOGA…Good Show!.. Lesson; “There are snakes” on the Forum” PM the Controller only on ATC Gripes, G’day all, Max


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