I had a problem at the end of the flight

With an hour to go down I saw that my aircraft crashed and took 3 speed violations. I didn’t understand why he lost his speed and there was no wind at the moment. 😣

Hey @Murilo_Heindrich request you to share your flight using this https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/ here and share the link, one of the pilots from IFC or Mods will get back to you shortly.

Thank you


Yes, I will send! Thank you very much for your attention @Noodle_Duck! 🙂


Ran out of fuel maybe? It might be easier to figure out if you give some information regarding the actual flight. What were the flight details (aircraft, route, etc)? Can you view the replay to see what happened?

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I had enough fuel, but I’m already sending the replay and as soon as I have an answer I update. Thank you for wanting to help. Good weekend @Jb431😊🙏

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One you have your replay feel free to give me a tag and I can take a look for you. I have a suspicion on what it might be, but I won’t speculate.


👍 Hope you get it figured out.


I send now @AdamCallow! Thank you

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Exact reason why I always do my long hauls on casual. Even then I don’t put the device down till I reach cruising altitude. I suspect your issue could be related to a steep VS or low air speed. Let us know. We all learn from others mistakes and not just from our own.

Be good.

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