I had a maps question

I am currently doing Tyler’s San Francisco to Nashville route and I notice that on the western part of the Oklahoma/Kansas border, there are many circular pieces of land. I was wondering if anyone can tell me why?


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Those are farms… Those circles are used for crops growing and a great use of the terrain. Dont weary its not harmless ;)

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As Oklahoma and a good amount of the midwest are largely rural, they are likely farming systems.

wow okay, Im from the North East and in my many years of living, I have not seen that before. So how many of those circles would correspond to 1 farm for example?

The circles is usually due to the area they water called Center Pivot Irrigation.

Its much easier to have one sprinkler in the middle instead of multiple in a grid. More efficient I guess.

On a side note, if you ever fly over Western Texas you will see thousands of wind farms that is sort of amazing to see.


depends on how much land that specific person owns

Not sure, I’m from the northeast too, and I wouldn’t know how they represent farms.

Thanks Chris, never seen this before

pretty cool. Learn something new every day. Thats honestly quite genius.

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That’s totally bizarre to me that you’ve never seen that before haha. I’m from the midwest, so I hardly go an hour without seeing some odd farming contraption like that. You should see the other machines they use…

This is one of the neat things about IF. I can fly into places that I will probably never get to in real life. I have found geographic things that were puzzling and were able to search and find it. Thanks IF!


This video will explain everything:


The Abilene area and north of there it’s just littered with wind turbines. Some people think they’re an eye sore but I don’t mind them. Like grass blowing in the wind.


We have a lot of land like this that I’ve flown over in Iowa and I’ve always wondered what it is (I knew it was farmland just didn’t know why circles). Learned something new!

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It’s amazing how far these kinds of farm land stretch. We saw tons of these on our flight from KAPA to Oshkosh 2017 this year. Crop circles and then endless fields of wind mills as you travel further east. As far as the eye could see…Amazing.

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Its …Aliens!!!(Technically to those city folk!) Yeah its farms, I saw them when I took a flight to Arizona in September, its more efficient for them to farm that way because of the drier conditions in the southwest.

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You are so correct!!!

To be more exact, they’re wind farms.

If you want to see something trip then head to Oregon and you will see where they cut down trees. You will notice brown areas in forest that resemble strips.

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