I had a dream about the 737 rework.

Yeah, me too 😂

I actually dreamed about the 757 rework last night, omg.

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Had a dream about the TBM a while ago when that was the hot new aircraft, maybe this dream signifies its close?!


What do you mean by “I played it for hours “.

I feel a bit desappointed
there will be only the split scimitars addition…
no wingflex added to it, or HD cockpit textures with gear tilt

sad to read an update like this

It’s a rework, they are going to rework the plane. In photos they’ve posted on IG, it has wing flex.

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Pretty self explanatory I think… I flee it for hours in IF, played around with the new 737…

Yeah but that doesnt mean they are doing a full rework. It’s more of the same thing that we got with the A320-family earlier this autumn

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Yeah, and they included wing flex in that… We don’t know exactly what it was. In my dream, it had those features… does not mean those features are 100% comming…


Please stay on topic, this is not a thread about the features, this is a post about an interesting dream I had.

That’s funny, I also had an IF dream list night. (illuminati confirmed)
My dream was about me controlling Tower in IF at KCLT (my home airport), and suddenly KCLT became very popular and tens of planes spawn in.
Of course, I don’t think that would ever happen. :)

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that’s what I was thinking about

Funny, i have also dreamt about the new 737


I’ve dreamed the A350 was being tested and I was a beta tester.

I then went to my Church to beg forgiveness for my sin


I had a dream.

… Yeah, that’s pretty much it. They vary from time to time.


@JoshFly8 don’t lie. You got married and had the reception in an airline terminal.


I know, everyone has dreams. 😅
I dream about lots of reworks, the 737, 747, 777 and add A350, clouds and 3D buildings, etc.
I know they work hard on it. That proves the moderators when they reply on us. I think the 737 will come out after the A-10 is done.
I had the very same dream about the Global update. It took very long. And all we have to do is wait.

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Hilarious 😂 😂

I ONCE had a dream about the 330 rework and there was the Alitalia new livery, as soon as the app finished updating I woke up 😑


I don’t think there is any rework I desire more than the 737. The 737 is such a popular aircraft, wouldn’t mind having more version too like the older models (icons of aviation). Then again the 757 is a close second because well I just love the 757! Dream on and one day who know…