I had a dream about the 737 rework.

Last night, I went to bed as normal, but I had an interesting dream. Lemme tell you all!

It all started out when I woke up and went onto the IF community forums (like I always do). I was going through the recent posts, when my eye got a glimpse of the words; 737 and rework. I did not really get excited, as I thought it was another post about some person asking when the rework was going to be released. But then I saw the full name of the post, Boeing 737 Rework Release (v1.8.6). I got unbelievably exicted. My heartrate went up, and I clicked on the post as quickly as I could. It showed a couple shots of the new liveries, split schimitars, and wing flex. After I was done skimming through the post, I jumped up and grabbed my phone. I don’t think I remember myself running to get my phone, I just kinda appeared next to my phone. When I got my phone, I went on the app store and updated as fast as I can. As soon as it was updated, I opened up IF and selected the 737. I played with it for hours, doing lots of short flights. I event back on the forums, and everyone was also loving it. Misha and Levet even made a forum post on how it was the most successful rework yet. But then I woke up :(

The end.

I don’t know what this was, but I thought it would be kinda cool if I shared it with y’all.


I have the same dreams from time to time during nights. They’re just so real. I dreamed of an F-22 Rework once.


I dreamed of a 757 rework once. Oh, how it was beautiful. tears up


I remember having a dream a few weeks ago when I posted something and it got flagged, and then I got demoted back to member. 😜


Pretty nice dream you had. Clearly shows you’re live for the sim. I also had a dream where SA HD scenery was added and I was amazed looking at HD mountains and landmarks.
And I had a dream that I took off with a 747 with wingflex. 😄


Omg, thats kinda scary 😂

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Guess I’m not alone, can’t wait for that 747 rework!

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I dream like this all the time
Oh what great dreams

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Yeah. Then I woke up though and calmed down. 😂 Although fear not for the 737 rework will eventually come and I will eventually get demoted. 🤷‍♂️😂😔

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I had a nightmare that @Captain_JR left, and sent a message saying help me, then there were masked men around my house (I know it escalated quickly), it was scary man…


Well I’ve had similar dreams, about myself being chased by a man, his face pitch black, I didn’t dare looking back. All I can say is during that time in my life, things didn’t go well, I didn’t do things right. Since I’ve been improving what I did wrong back then.

I take every so called Nightmare as a wake up call for whatever wrong I’m doing in my life. But some nightmares are just there to scare me and have no basis behind them. It really depends on what I see and how that connects to my current situation in life.


I think some of you are to obsessed with this sim.


What’s above obsessed?


When it comes to nightmares about IF, they more or less have a inner fear of something will happen to them or someone else in the community, and draw a parallel with IF. Other than if they really have a bad dream or something that doesn’t seem right outside of IF then it nothing too big, except if their dreams reflects upon something very strange happening to someone IRL. If it’s a dream about seeing a rework or addition of a new plane into IF, that’s their hopes, wish and desires that are playing a game. Subconsciously dreaming that A350 got released ;)

Dreams and Cognitive reality can be difficult to understand, but that just how it goes… It’s a real strange world we live and in and not every reason is clear as to why we see or dreams things that are unusual…

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I’m just waiting to see how long this lasts before it’s closed… 🔒



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I am actually proud of my obsession with this sim…


Oh my god that does sound scary


Me too I’m proud of it also


Or moved to the secret place COUGH COUGH VAN COUGH COUGH.