I guess it's bug or just device failure

I am experiencing crashes many times and it’s often occurring at live ATC Playground sever especially busy region such as Southern California. Also sometimes it’s doesn’t occur however most of my flight time that is occur when I try start taxing, takeoff, landing, or anything try change or control. I have done anything I could but it’s still keeps happening for example I have done restart,initialize by ITuenes, close back ground task, switch off background updates at settings.Also I have done change advanced setting such as graphics quality of aircraft…
Tech specs and other informations
Device:IPad 2 (not IPad Air just normal IPad)
Network:Fiber (about 90.67 Upload/14.57 Download via WiFi)
IOS:9.0.1 (latest version for now)
Available disk space: 546MB

P.S these problems are I think happen a lot than before I updated my IPad to IOS 9 or 9.0.1 And if anyone needs anymore information to dissolve this problem please reply to this topic or directly PM me, I will answer if I could but obviously I will not answer any question that like serial no. etc…

Try turning down quality of graphics or limit the number of fellow pilots that are displayed by your device.

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I’ve done it, but didn’t put on it sorry:(

maybe u need more memory, or just a friendly restore of the device or check background apps and turn off auto refresh

try the last thing i wrote first


i lag too on the 6+

ok, thank you for the information
I hope one or two of developers are see this topic and fix this problem since became clear that this is not just for me. and not just for IPad.

The iPad 2 is an old device now, so performance won’t be great, especially on Live in busy regions.

Best things to do:

  • Anti Aliasing off - this is a big one that will help increase performance
  • Under Live → Live Airplane Count - turn this right down. Less airplanes will be rendered, but this should help you see a performance increase.

There isn’t much that can be done to optimise the app further from here from the developer’s end. I upgraded to a fast Android phone from my iPad mini (same specs as 2) and the gameplay improvements were very noticeable :)


Thank you very much, I see I should need to buy IPad pro :)

The problem is that before they upgraded the system I had over 100 hours of flight time and when I purchased the upgrade I went back to 0 hours. WOW!!
I could not believe all the time I spent getting my COMMERCIAL PILOTS license, I went back to 0 hours. Now I am told that I have to adjust my ADVANCED SETTINGS in the program in order for the program to run smoothly but WHERE ARE THE ADVANCED SETTINGS IN INFINITE FLIGHT???
Talk about frustrating. Anyone else have this problem and how can you solve it. I am all ears to ANYONE who has information on this anomaly???