I gotta little question

So yesterday I noticed that there is no active request for an F14 rework, so I created one and it said that it was submitted to a mod and nothing has happened for nearly 24 hours. Should I just wait?

Also, when I go to my created topics, it doesn’t show up

There’s an active request, which probably means your topic was denied.


Oh, weird. I searched “f14” and “f14 rework” and nothing showed up.

When looking for threads in the #features category, it’s always useful to go to the category itself, select the type of feature that you might want to request and take a look from there. Most, if not all the time, duplicate threads can be avoided by doing this.

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I tried that and looked it up.

Oh well, I must have missed it. Thanks for the info :)
This can be closed now

Thanks for the help @Thunderbolt and @LordWizrak!