I got violations on my flight

How clean them by my history? In what time ill be free of them if i doing the correct form

3 days later they disappear but they will always be on your record

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We all get them when we first start flying and getting use to how things work and the rules that need to be followed. I remember how disappointed I WAS when I found out that they will never go.

Lol, they are permanent. I guess it’s hard to keep a clean sheet like moi.

A very well done it’s not easy to keep a clean sheet when you first start. I am on 9 now I’m not happy about it, I got my last one added few weeks ago when flying on advanced. I was told to desend to 8000 ft from about 18000. I was so busy with things I did not see the warning and it was not till I finished the flight that I saw my violation.😂R

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Welcome to the club. Like a ticket, after the first one it doesn’t hurt as much, you just try not get anymore. Oh one more thing, you can always go back to the free flight server, practice and build up your score until the violations go away.

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