I got violations for unknown reason

Hi i was flying from EDDF-VOBL in a Lufthansa 747-8 on expert server i left My device at a secure place after take off at FL300 When i returnerad to it i had crashed and i dont know Why and i got 6 violations Any one WHO can help me to know Why?
I use a iPad 2017
Callsign Lufthansa 1 2 7

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I suggest you change your title

Other than that I am unable to assist you, sorry

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it must be fuel calculation.
I flew with her last night expect 10hrs flight time(tail wind, no strong head wind) and I added 12hrs fuel just in case, then I ended up with emergency fuel, couldn’t make it to destination then I landed on the other airport

It wasnt the fuel i got more than needed

Possible Reasons:

  • Did you make sure you had enough fuel in your tank for the entire trip. Its recommended that you have an hour or so of reserve fuel too.
  • If you did have enough fuel did you make sure you were able to climb to the altitude? Sometimes your aircraft may be to heavy to go to FL400 so you have to step climb. (Here is a tutorial: A Guide to Step Climbing)
  • You could have possibly turned off NAV & Auto Pilot.

6 violations were probably for overspeeding. Have you checked your flight log book? It will tell you exactly what the violation is for

Al these were positive it was perfect

more than needed?
I wonder how you calculate it, as I already said it must be end up no fuel then all engines flame out then you start dropping, that’s the most possible reason.

It just stands 6 violations

Click on flight info - it will tell you what the violations were for

I got 3 hours extra fuel When i left My device flight time remaing was 5 hours fuel was 8 and during the time i left it i should been able to use that much

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I’ve just checked my own log book. In notes (on log book) click on the violation and below you’ll see ‘View Flight Details’ and this will list exactly what the violations are for

You can’t always trust what it says. The fuel calculation does not account for headwinds, tailwinds, etc.

It stands for Over speed

But i had so much fuel that i Couldnt Have Runed out of it

He had 3hrs of reserve fuel. Even if he had strong headwinds, it would definetely be enough. Fuel wasn’t the problem.

We’re you able to see the details of the violations on your log book? Of so I assume it was overspeed.

Yep it was Over speed but i dont know Why i Could Have got it

What was your initial airspeed you set once you’re ere abive 10,000ft?

Mach 0,80 300 knots was My speed