I got to 25000!!


Does anyone have any tips for advanced server?


Yes. Follow every instruction as long as it doesn’t make you interfere with any plane in the nearby. Never cut in line or make anything stupid. Don’t switch from approach to tower random. A lot of things. To summarise, follow instructions and don’t joke around.

ATC Officer

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beware. Rules is very enforced here…

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Just follow the rules, Not rocket science, hope ppl won’t put you off flying there.

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It may seem strict, but that makes it all the better. Follow the rules and instructions.

Ok, thanks!

Behave!! :)


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Enjoy @jonah.c I saw you at WSSS today. But you vanished quickly

Tips: This is not a playground, if you do what some people do on playground all the time, you will just get ghosted over and over again.

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Follow all the instructions given, don’t spam if you get told to do something and atc respond with something else please don’t request again, and so on :) will have a look out for you

/ Advanced ATC Officer Paul

Yes, i saw you were controlling. Thanks. I had to do some things and i had to go.