I got TL2!

Good morning/afternoon/evening Infinite Flight Community, this morning (in my time zone) I got TL2. I never thought I would get it after having a few posts and comments flagged of topic.
It has only taken me 40days to move up to TL2 which I am very pleased about.
I have some good liberteys in mind that have never been suggested that I will suggest when I find out more about them.

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening😁


Congratulations! Your contribution to this community has shown hence your recent promotion! Next stop, Regular. But for now, treat yourself to your favorite dessert, or hold the greatest DJ party in the history of mankind, or even better, book a flight to your dream destination. The choice is yours! Congratulations!


Thankyou very much👍

This isn’t really needed on the forum as we can all see your profile anyway, but congratulations on TL2.


Congrats but adding on to what @Qantas094 has already said posting about going up a TL shouldn’t start to become a trend, it’s not really necessary and isn’t really keeping the forum tidy IMO but again congrats


Sorry everyone but thanks

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Well done! We look forward to seeing more of you around the community.

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