I got reported on training server

So a couple nights ago I was flying into Atlanta with the Southwest coming from Baltimore. I was told by the controller to turn to heading 010. At that time my mom came in the room and that’s when I got reported. I was downgraded from a level three to a level two and now I have to wait until next year!! Do any of you have any advice for me

On the training server, you can’t be reported. Do you mean a system violation perhaps?

We’re they hacking?

Yes and You got to admit it kind of means the same thing

It’s VERY hard to hack on IF.


So just a few questions in order so we can understand:

  1. Was this on Training Server?

  2. In your logbook, on the flight does it say ‘reported by controller (or a name)?’ Don’t confuse this with violations.


I am going to look hold on a sec

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Just becuase they were grade 3 doesn’t mean they were on Expert. Plus Atlanta hasn’t been featured in weeks, especially with radar.


We just have to wait for more information before we start jumping to conclusions.

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I just saw it and it read not specified

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On the training server correct?

Yes it was

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What was the controllers name?

It doesn’t show me

Can you post a screenshot of what you see in your log book?

The only way for someone to report on TS is:

  1. they’re a IFATC supervisor or IFC moderator/staff
  2. they’re a IFATC member controlling

Mind sending a screenshot of your logbook? Perhaps we can help.

That could be a reason if there IFATC.

Ok I will take a screenshot

IFATC aren’t allowed to control on TS unless it’s a training session.


Even then, we are not supposed to be reporting, EVER.