I got reported in my opinion for no right reason

Hey Infinite Flight,
I’ve been working so had and doing many flights and I finally got to grade 3! I was so excited to finally get to fly today in the Expert Servers. I started a flight at London City and was requesting an approach to London Heathrow and I got reported by the arc for interfering with another aircraft. It was not my intent to, I just had taken off. I know that I have to respect others and be civil when flying. Please help :/

Sounds like you attempted a local flight.

As you know, doing flights like EGLC to EGLL is not encouraged (or SJC to SFO as an example) because in the event of a huge queue to land and you intervene it wouldn’t really be fair to others who have waited in line longer and have flown longer.

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Take a look at your logbook and you can see who ghosted you. They are the only one that can help you out here. I believe you can’t PM but if you let us know who ghosted you I will pass it on.


Little advice, save those short hoppers for like Casual Server. 100% chance you don’t get ghosted.


Thanks for the advise

Yes, makes sense. Thank You!

Thanks for the insight and guidance all :)