I got reported in expert

So when I was flying on a F22, I contacted radar. I was flying at 722nt at that time. The controller taught me to reduce speed to 210nt. And when I was reducing speed I got reported. I was at 400nt when I was reported. Why? I was reducing speed! Do I have a time limit to finish reducing speed? Can some one tell me why I was reported?

Hey! Can you check your logbook and see who reported you? Then we can guide you to the IFATC who reported you.

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You’ll need to talk to @Kamaniya. However, I see it being a Valid Report due to the fact you shouldn’t be going that fast on expert in the first place.

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Contact @Kamaniya through PM 😉

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Ok. Thank you!


Glad I could help! :)

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A good read…


Controller has been found, OP will contact 😊