I got reported for following directions.

Are you serious right now??? LFPG Approach ATC was telling me directions and I got reported for it. I was following all of ATC directions and I got reported for being too close to another aircraft. They only gave me 10 seconds to separate but you see that isn’t enough time. I want a report taken away from me. This is not what I paid for. How do I get reported for following directions??? Seriously??

Go into your logbook and find out who the controller was. If you let us know who reported you we can help you to get in contact with the controller.

ATC Report by Anton de Zeeuw.

PM @azeeuwnl and he will discuss it with you.

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@azeeuwnl reported you. He will send you a PM when he is able.

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He can’t PM, he’s a new user.

Is there a way I can email him or someone else to help me with this situation.

I will get him to PM me when he is free.

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Hopefully Anton is aware of this and he will make a PM with him

If you want to try to appeal the ghost use this link to help you…

Also helps to be professional and respectful. I doubt it was because you were following directions…

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