I got reported by expert server atc

So this is what happened. I was flying at st barthelemy and was holding short of the runway. I then got told to do an immediate takeoff which I did. But then when I took off. Boom I get reported with a level 3 violation for no reason. What shall I do to get back on the expert server

Hi there!

To look into why you were reported, or to request for an appeal (to get your violation removed if deemed appropriate), please contact @appeals with your replay for their team to help you as best as they can, whilst keeping the Expert Server to the best level of professionalism.


To add on to what Ethan said, you can first start a direct message between you and the controller, and then go to appeals if the violation is to be reversed or you and the controller are unable to find a good resolution.


Maybe you took too long to line up? Idk but as mentioned above it’s best to message the controller and ask them what happened.

The thing is I accidentally deleted all of my replays 😭 so now I don’t know what to do!

Ask the controller for his/her replay, you will have the time of the report in your logbook. Then the controller can probably explain why you got reported.


I don’t know who the controller was at the time

Check your logbook, it will show on the flight with the report. I’ll check if I have an old report to show you

First find the flight where you got the report

Click on the flight

Then click on “show flight details”

The controller of my report has been deleted, probably because it is too old



Thanks I just did that I’ll do that now

How do I ask them

Just message them, and ask why they reported you:) Remember to be polite and respectful. If you did something wrong you should just try to not do it next time.

So do I search there name up on ifc. Sorry I’m asking so many questions it’s never happened to me before

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Yeah, just search up their username here

Hey mate,

Here is a tutorial made by our Community Moderator @Drummer, it will help you to appeal the violation. Thanks


Ok I just messaged him/her


Continued via PM