I got reported by ATC

I was told to cross and I did but then I got reported.

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Contact @Trio as he’s the only one who knows what happened.


Hey well if you take a look at the gusting you got ghosted for taxing without permission…
You didn’t get cussed at for crossing the wrong way I guess you continue taxing after you cross the wrong way… which it will eventually become into a gusting because after you cross the wrong way you have to ask permission to continue taxing

I know I stopped after I crossed

My best guess is you didn’t receive actual instructions to taxi, only a pushback or maybe not even that. But as was said earlier, contacting @Trio is your most helpful and productive option.

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The controller has been notified, no need to continue speculating.

@bryce_c, please contact @Trio via PM to discuss further.


I’m in contact with him, thanks for the tags everyone. :)