I got reported because of a miss communication...

Hey everyone,
So I just got reported at Jakarta, here’s a transcript of what happened
Ground: Indonesia 833 taxi to parking
Me: taxiing to parking, Indonesia 833
Ground: Indonesia 833, give way to aircraft ahead
Me: giving way to aircraft, Indonesia 833
Immediately after
Ground: Indonesia 833, hold position
Me: holding position Indonesia 833

Once the conflicting aircraft had passed I continued and got reported. As I was writing this, I realised that I should have waited to here “continue taxi” but something made me just continue.
I have one question.
Most importantly, do any of you have any Ideas as to what could have made me decide to continue after the other aircraft has passed even though i was told to hold position. I think I thought that the controller was reiterating the “give way” command as it took me a few seconds to stop, but obviously not.

Thanks and feel free to ask more questions

Most likely @Declan_O is the guy you’re looking for, feel free to PM him and he’ll give you the proper explanation. As all ghostings are between the pilot and controller and no need for 3rd party comments/explanations👍

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Thanks guys, I’ll reach out to you via PM to explain the ghosting.

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