I got reported because a glitch happened while I took off! Please help!

I was doing the awesome FNF and was going to fly the airs of Finland, but when I took off for some reason but A321 half way sunk into the ground, and I couldn’t move. After about 20 seconds l, I got reported for not making communication to ATC, even though I did!! I really wanted to to this event and now I’m down to Grade 2 so I can’t… thanks for reading and if I can get some help so I can do this FNF that would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact the controller

i will reverse it shortly i was tower

done should be able to come back to expert now


Thank you very much

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How can I contact the controller? Sorry I’m a little new to this and have never been reported so I have no idea how.

Just PM by PM, but @anon66442947 will remove your ghost.

i still can’t fly expert and am still grade 2? i tried restarting twice. does it take a while?

You have to be Grade 3 to enter Expert Server :)

try now on expert

It’s fixed, thanks again.

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