I got reported again and by the same ATC


I was on a visual approach using an XCub in a fairly windy KEWY.

Right before the touch down, I got thrown about by the winds and knocked out of the runway due to the XCub’s tendency to not maintain a straight line right after touchdown. Even when I applied full left rudder, my aircraft veered off towards the right and I pretty much ended up in the ditch in between the runway and taxiway. Now to save some embarrassment, there is a small taxiway connecting the main taxiway to the runway and since it was right in front of me, I decided to go for it.

I got reported by RAY WANG AGAIN! for apparently entering the runway without permission.

Please note that there was a 172 on a short final and it would be a big hassle for him and anyone to go around.

@Ray_Wang Will contact you"ll let him know.

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If you know it was me what the point for this topic? DM please 🙂


Already, can close now thanks

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