I got report help me the person report me wrong

I was flying in Miami and I already contact the atc for cosssing the runway he already approved me to cross after I cross he report me and my grade was down yesterday

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try to contact the controller and he will be able to answer why you got reported

Continuing on from what @Norshuttle909 said, you can find the name of the controller that ghosted you in your log book. Send them a PM.

How to contact them?

Find the name of the controller, then find him on IFC, and PM him…

Depending what trust level you are, you should be able to send them a PM.

If not just let me know the name and we can alert them to this topic.

Here’s all you need to know. Have a look at it.

I noticed you are new to this Forum. ThisI suggest you were flying in Expert server with perhaps missing out on many of our good tutorials. Welcome to the forum! While you’re here, please stick around and pick up some of the great info that’s here.

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Do u mean my game name or what

The name of the controller that reported you.

Looks like you won’t be able to PM due to your trust level. Let us know what it says in your logbook and we can alert the controller to PM you or someone can set up a message with you two. :)

This happened to me while back. I was able to let a moderator know who ghosted me, and they contacted the controller who ghosted me. He realized the mistake he make and I was back on the expert server with in a hour

From the main menu of Infinite Flight you can access the logbook. It will tell you there what the controllers name was. Once we know this we can send you their way.

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First, click on “Logbook”


Then, find the flight where the ghosting happened. Click on it and it will bring up this pop up. Click on the information marker.


There it is!


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Yeah it really sucks that I am only hearing about this method to find the controller now, I got ghosted by @MarcusCKJ at the end of December for a reason I did not fully understand and from my perspective did nothing wrong.


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