I got issued a level 1violation but it was not my fault and I believe it to be system error. How can I appeal it?

Device: IPhone 12
Operating system: IOS

You can contact @appeals. Just make sure you have your replay ready just in case.

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As mentioned above please contact @appeals, they will walk you through the steps if it was due to a system error! Make sure to save you replay as stated above. Even before appealing, is it was an over speed, make sure you are looking at IAS instead of ground speed.

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Alright thank you.

I had the same issue. It says I got an overspeed violation on the A350 while cruising at FL430 even though I was at M0.85.

Could you send a video of this occurring? Just to get an idea of how the overspeed happened?

It says that I got it 7 hours ago, but I chcked the replay and it actually happened about an hour ago. I think I must’ve ran out of fuel while overflyng the airport and the autopilot disengaged.

That sounds like a likely scenario.

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