I got ghosted for requesting radar vectors at RJBB

I was on approach and the frequency was kind of busy.
I requested to descend to 6,500ft and the ATC said: KLM 863 frequency is busy, please be patient. After a while I requested radar vectors for RJBB. The ATC just ghosted me immediately for frequency spamming. Can someone pls explain me why I got ghosted, cause I only sent 2 requests.

Hello! Please check the replay and contact the controller. PM and continue there.

I think this belongs into #live?

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At busy airports like RJBB, when ATC is incredibly busy, it is very not wise to request radar vectors. The ATC guys will get to you at one point, so its best to be as patient as possible. Eventually they will vector you to your destination.

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I was your controller: Thanks for reaching out, let’s discuss this via direct message :)