I got fuel

It’s not an event so I didnt think it really fits in the event category

I’m at JFK right now expert sever in the voyager (the one with the air-to-air refuling probe on the back of it) - if anyone wants to come up and join me in a fighter jet and practice some air to air refilling - feel free to come up and have a practice at it! I’ll pop my cruise stats here once I get airborne

my callsign is Comet 2775 I’m on expert server, at KJFK, and you can track me via this link if you can’t find me :)

find me on live flight: LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight Live

I’ve got loads of fuel available!

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Please continue here!


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oh sorry hahah didnt see that

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That’s fine. Glad I could be of assistance :)

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