I got πŸ‘»-ed


After quite a long break from both IF and photography, I am back with some great shots of the new update, as well as a tale of caution to all of you up and coming Mavericks! Without further ado, here are the shots!

Flight #1

Route: Casino Royale - Navy Seal Land

Holding on the runway as a Golden Warrior scores a 3-point takeoff

There is one impostor among us

An aggressive beauty shot


Route: Pattern work at San Clemente before my inevitable doom

Just a couple of Mavericks, no comment needed.

Afterburners go brrrrr

Story time!

Ok, so I want to be honest about the mistake that I made so that it can be avoided in the future by others, because in all seriousness, it was a dumb move by me. I was on short final at San Clemente, when the ATC told me to maintain slowest practical speed. Seeing that I might not have been able to complete my touch-and-go even at a slow speed, I immediately applied afterburners, declared a missed approach, and sped up to
350 kts. In a controlled airspace. Yeah, needless to say, I did not wake up with all of my brain cells, and as a result, I got a level 3 violation. The moral of the story is to please read the announcement that was posted yesterday about proper fighter etiquete, and make sure to be aware of all the speed regulations when flying. I look forward to a week of Training Server flying!!

Thanks for reading!


These are some incredible shots. What a photogenic plane!

Welcome back and enjoy the update.


Thank you, sir! I appreciate it!!

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Note: I just realized, click on the photo for higher quality!

Bump - quick question for all fellow IF photographers, what program would y’all recommend for editing photos? I use snapseed, are there any other free options?

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BIG bump

Just saw the new Top Gun Maverick movie for the FOURTH time, and I have to say, I am definitely inspired to post more screenshots of the livery (since I also posted a #features request about it!) if anyone wants to do a formation flight on it, or on the f-14, let me know!

Awesome shots, such a beautiful aircraft!

PSX, Lightroom, and light distortion are also viable platforms!

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Oh, I’ve heard of those ones! Are they free on iOS?

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