I got disconnected on the Atlantic

Is anyone getting disconnected after flying for about two hours? I was flying from Heathrow to JFK on the Expert server and my flight got disconnected after 2:15 minutes of flying.

Also when ever I try to be ATC on the training server the game crashes.

Like it says, the servers are getting full. There is a lot of hype for the 20.1 update and server issues are known, whether it is a lag or a crash of the app.

When the server fills up like these days, expect these things to happen. Unfortunately, there will be the possibility of this happening again should the servers remain packed.


Where was everyone before the update was released. Flying was smooth at that time


Waiting in anticipation for 20.1 🙃


All these hype beast are messing with the program lol. We will get through it, I’m sure the developers are hard at work right now on these issues.

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Looks like the server load is downimage

It happened to me 7 hours in to my overnight flight. Kinda ruined it but I’m not too mad seeing as there’s a lot of people using the service