I got degraded and reported for I don't know what

Dear Infinite Flight,

Today I was flying from KLCA to KJFK.

As I approached KJFK at arround 60 miles >FLT20 I liestened to ATIS info then I checked in to one of the 3 Approach frequencies. Noone replied. Then I asked for approach to any rwy ILS and got the answer to switch to other frequency. So I did, asked for approach again. Then I was told to switch to the 3rd one. So I did. I asked there again for approach and no answer came anymore. I slowed down descended to below 10000 Ft. Asked and asked again.

Of course I saw that there were red circles and read the few info they shown TFR below xyz ft and such but as I haven’t seen such before I didnt know what to do. I asked APP again and again. So that probably I get at least some kind of guidance or warning what to do. So I had to go to another airport to land.

After landing i saw on the map something about reading NOTAM for further info but I couldnt find within the game how.

So. I finished flight not knowing what to do and I saw I was banned by user Manoel G. For Inproper arrival procedures.

I find this a bit big punishement. At least a message I could have got to go to IF community to read about this or that.

Im telling you im a grade 5 pilot and never encountered such situation.

I would like ot understand what should I have to do next time. Now I cant even go back to the expert server and figure analyse the situation as im degraded to grade 2. I have been flyng with IF online since the beginning and never saw such red circles and never met any arrival procedure nor miltipple app frequencies. So If you dont tell me what has to be done differently or where i can find NOTAMs I cannot learn from it.

After landing I checked the live events page. I dont see here any arrival procedure mentioned here either:

Taking all this in consideration I also would appreciate reconsideration of reporting me. But firstly I would really just like to learn how to prepare for such situations next time because it seems more interesting then my prevous many flights of mine

Please help me with some instructions.

Thank you and br,

Did you listen to ATIS? Because it would say what frequency to tune into. I’d suggest PMing the controller that reported you.

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Check your logbook and contact the controller who ghosted you through a PM. They should help y ou.

@MannyG is your guy.

Check your logbook and if it was me send me a dm please. Busy at the moment but will check your msg as soon as possible in a few hours.


ATIS said only general things. No pattern work, departure, arrival rways and that Multiple frequencies are used.

Im kind of new in IF community. How Can I PM someone?

Your a basic user so I believe you are possibly unable to PM people at the moment. Wait for him to message you.

And how can I figure out Manoel G is mgjr 83? Manoel G I got from the log book.

mgjr83 is Manoel G. You got the correct person.

Basic are able to send pm. PM him.

They are? Well in that case, @Simon_Balazs, Click on his profile picture or got o his profile and you’ll see a blue message button.

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Do you mean KLGA?

Because there’s a giant red circle that says do not fly between the three airports for the event.

There’s also a pop-up upon spawning that gives the information as well.

If you tried to depart KLGA and land at KJFK, you would have been ghosted.


No Sorry, That was just a big misstyping.

I was flying from KCLT - KJFK


I saw the notice that there is no flight in betwen the 3 airports as I approached

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It’s actually quite difficult to miss a NOTAM

As you can see in the picture below, the large circle shows that you can’t fly between the airports within what is called a TFR or (Temporary flight restriction). And it states to check individual airport TFR’s for more info.

The next photo shows the JFK TFR, what you’d select since you were arriving into this particular airport.

Lastly, the next photo shows exactly the JFK NOTAM.

You can refer to these for future reference, regarding the ghosting please contact the controller (@MannyG and a mod/staff if you wish so they can help get things sorted out.