I got cut off while flying

Well said!

Its hard to tell who had the right of way by just the description, would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of how far away you each were from the airport?

Also here right in our favorite User Guide! Visual Flight Rules (VFR) En-Route Navigation | Infinite Flight In the landing section in the right of way section (basically copied FAR 91.113 lol)

Doubt many people see this and/or actually apply this :/, if all of IF followed this, Unicom would theoretically be paradise in a busy environment haha


I didn’t even know it was hidden in there! Thanks for sharing that, I think that makes it clear on who had the right of way in IF.

I get peoples argument of if using 22L you should be using left traffic, but we’re looking at this of getting cut off, not what traffic direction to use. This scenario can play out on a downwind as well.


Yes sir. (10 characters)

As you can see in these pictures, I was significantly closer to the runway. Also, I was at 3000’ and the other pilot was at 5000’.

In that situation you would have the right of way then. Good call to circle and wait for the other traffic instead of continuing on a collision course though.

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