I Got Bored of GRR, so I Went To DTW // Finally @KDTW

After 10 months of spotting at GRR (and once at RSW) I’ve finally gone to DTW and spotted. This might be boring Delta-land, but there’s excitement with every aircraft! Join me, as I spot at DTW for the first time! surprisingly, there are no fences blocking my shots, haha, get over it @Rolls 🤪

One of Delta's 1,000 A321's it feels like, this one blasting off for Tampa, Florida, or @Steven_Tellmann land!

One of Delta's infinite CRJ-900s, this one heading over to Allentown, Pennsylvania

I love Delta's A350s this one heading on a LONG haul flight, up and down to Seoul Incheon, in South Korea!

This is Joey, Joey probably likes his job, Joey is getting paid minimum wage to marshall in the Delta CRJ-900 from LGA, be more like Joey

Could you have guessed? Yep! Another CRJ-900, this one coming in from St. Louis, Missouri

Delta's second A359 ever made, floats into DTW, after a 7 and a half hour flight from Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Fun fact, that's the "Delta Spirit" sticker on the front of the aircraft as well!

Medstar helicopter comes into the helipad at Henry Ford hospital in Detroit, to drop off much needed organs to patients in the hospital

Finally, Lufthansa's hairdryer one (A340-300) comes into 21L from Frankfurt, Germany

Thanks y’all



Nikon D40 w/ 55-200m zoom lense

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How was the landing? 🤔

Loved the A350 and A340! Also the helicopter was quite interesting, surely not something that you get as regularly as commercial flights.

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Couldn’t see 🥲, I got up on the hood to see Lufty slam it

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my entire life I have aspired to be joey…

how did you know my secret 😡

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petition to rename Detroit (DTW) to boring delta land (BDL)

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BDL is Windsor Locks already 😂

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That could be me in a few years

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Not bad for a camera from 2006 😳

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Yessir, the dang thing is as old as me 😂

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I did get over it, maybe you should stop bragging, there’s other spots without fences you know

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Awesome pics!

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Thanks @SWAviator

also @Rolls I can’t wait to see your fenceless shots :)

should I be more like joey

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Yes you should. I’ll be Joey in 2 years!

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