I got a violation

I’m confused. I got a violation for “not following instructions” but he kept asking me to “amend flight plan to include ATC preferred STAR at destination” I haven’t got a clue what that is, someone please explain.


Hi blink! When a controller tells you to amend your flight plan to prefer an ATC Star means to have a filed STAR that ATC wants. You can find all the STARs ATC is using or required in the ATIS and D-ATIS and in the arrival section of the procedures. There will be green text next to the STAR saying ATC preferred or something along those lines meaning ATC wants people to utilize those STARs in the arrival section of procedures.


You have to click the airport(twice), select procedures on the bottom tab, and go to Arrival. These show STARs, and choose one that fits your arrival best. This is to help traffic flow in crowded airspaces. Click add to fpl when you find one ATC prefers.



STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Routes) are absolutely necessary for you in busy airports especially when ATC requests that you use them. You can locate them in your destination airport section from your map. That kind of violation I don’t think will be removed particularly if ATC had warned you.

What I’ll say to do next time is to make sure you have the ATC preferred STAR from your Origin airport and if par adventure there’s a runway change, you must change to the new preferred STAR that corresponds of course to the preferred runway.

Hope that helps!


check out this tutorial for more info!
Arrival procedure tutorial

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Hey, @Blink. Sorry that this happened. If you wish to receive further clarification, please go into your logbook, find the controller that reported you, and then contact him or her via PM. If you need any help with that, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks!

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The preferred sids and stars are indicated with a (atc preferred) as shown here:

*Please note that this pictures is from a WIP and the “NSEW” headings are not yet in the game.

Fair enough I got the thing, it was my fault, and yes that helps thanks!


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