I got a violation

I’ve just got a level 2 violation. I was taxiing at KSEA and for some reason I got a level two violation. It said that I was taxiing through others but I saw no one. Was this because my aircraft count was set to low? Also am I still able to access the expert server? Please help.

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Hey there!

Can you tell us who reported you in your logbook?

@Piazza is your controller he’ll contact you when done


It was piazza.

Also just to add on, I would avoid setting your plane count to “low” in busy places just so you can see if you are taxing through other aircraft.

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Alright, Tyler got there before me (thanks). Like said above, shoot him a PM and he’ll tell you the reason of your report, or it may be looked into an appeal.

Fyi, check your replay, an aircraft may have unluckily spawned on you, it occasionally happens and no one is really at direct fault.


Step 1 is to PM the controller.