I got a violation when not breaking the rules (?)

I don’t have an image, but I was doing 24 kts while taxiing to runway 25R at LAX, and I got a speeding violation (going over 35kts). Is it because I accelerated to quick? (This was in a training server).


welcome to the community, this might be because you were over 35 knots in Ground speed, when taxiing always check GS not IAS


Message @appeals if you’ve been given a violation you think was incorrectly applied.

However, the automatic ones are an indication of pilot error more often than system error. Check your replay for ground speed, not airspeed.


EDIT: @ryanairlanding hit it on the head before me.

i was trying to lol

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First of all welcome to the community!

And if you want to fix your problem, your best bet is to contact @appeals and they can help you out

@patrickv @ItsablacklineYT It would not be an appeals situation as they were on the training server. In which it is a level one violation. The appeals team only deals with Level 2 & 3 and the rare glitch level one violation.

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Never heard that one

And, so, if this were one of the glitched violations—looping them in would be appropriate.

You can contact @appeals if you think it was a glitch

Please contact appeals if you think it was a system glitch.